Heart of Home with Family, Friends and Pets nothing else is better!

My Services

I hope I provide inspiration and can assit with any questions about my weight loss journey and essential oils for your daily use. We all need support for whatever journey we are making in our life.

About Me

I raised two very extrordinary young men and have a minature australian dog which she is my little girl I did not have. I have done crafts for many years and have been interested in finding ways to save money. I have worked at a retirement community for over 18 years.
Corey Hostas
Corey, my oldest son and I am very proud of him because he has been through a lot in his life. At the age of 8 years old he had a head injury and had to be operated on. It did not cause any brain issues and he had 42 staples taken out of his head, so he has a horseshoe scar. He know owns his own busines and I am very proud of him as he grows his business.

Jarret Hostas

Jarret, my youngest son made some big decisions in his senior year of high school and he decided after graduation he would go in the Air Force. I was so proud of him and he got stationed in Aviano, Italy for several years. He had the opportunity to travel abroad before getting his education. He is know the youngest principal of a private school and married to a wonderful young lady. Nearly two years ago they gave me a wonderful gift of a grandson and he is the light of my life also this year will add another addition to the family, another son.
"Ginger" my Resuce Puppy
She is our sweet new addition to our family and she is so much fun, still a puppy! We got her in March and she was a rescue from Snyder, Texas. She is part wired terrier and yorkie, but her brothers and sisters were dark brown with tan. She was the only one that is all tan.
Potty training was a challenge but she caught on very fast, we built a doggy area just for our part of the family.