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Essential Oils for Pets
When you begin to introduce essential oils to your pet, make sure to dilute your oils with carrier oils because you might get an allergic reaction. General rule of thumb for dogs is to use a 1% dilution for emotional issues and a 2-3% dilution for physical issues.

Cats are more at risk for having an allergic reaction so it needs to be used sparingly for you cat. They have a sensitive sense of smell so it is important to dilute your essential oils. If there is an allergic reaction, make sure your vet is told and my products have a list of the essential oils I have used.
First Aid Oils for your Dog!

When your pets are in pain it is difficult and often when your pet gets hurt we become stressed. You need to be calm because your pet will feel the emotions from you and they can not tell you what is wrong. 

If you need to travel with your pet, it is important to care a first aid kit for your pet. I recommend to have essential oils as part of your first aid kit.

  • Frankincense - for seizures and hit by a car - Place 1 - 4 drops in your palm, rub palms together and pet your animal on the back, neck and chest area. ( be careful when applying because your pet will be confused or dazed)
  • Panaway - For pain, broken bones & hit by car - Place 1 - 6 drops in your palm, rub your hands together and gently pet your animal near affected area. (make sure your near the area not on the area)
  • Helichrysum - for seizures, collapsing, hit by a car, attached by another animal or bleeding - Place 1 - 4 drops in your hand, rub hands together and gently pet your animal on the back, neck and chest area. 
  • Peppermint - for vomiting and heat stroke - Place 2 - 4 drops in your palm, rub hands together and pet your pet on the stomach and back
  • ​Thieves - for Splinters/foreign objects - Place 1 - 2 drops on your hand and gently dab on affected area.
  • Purification - for bee stings, bug bites, laceration & coughing - Place 1 - 2 drops in your hand and apply directly onto the affected area.

If you would like a First Aid Kit for your pet, please contact me!
Pe ppermint oil - it is one of my favorite essential oils and I carry a roller container to use if I have a headache. I roll this across my forehead and take a deep breathe of it which relieves my headache instead of taking medication.

In your bath water you can add two drops of peppermint and 4 drops myrrh can hel relieve fatigue at the end of a busy day.

It can be used for just not headaches but muscle aches, itching, cold, digestive issues and more. You do not need alot and it is very strong by itself. You always need to be careful with essential oils and make sure you use the appropriate dosage when using it.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Tea Tree Oil - It has been used for medicinal purposes for many years and can be used by itself or added to other products like lotions, shampoo and cleaning products. The oil possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

It can be used for congestion, bad breath, prevent gum disease, healing wounds, healthy hair, asthma reliever, Eczema relief and acne treatment. Add a frew drops to your favorite shampoo or buy already in it.

Add few drops to water and inhale directly or combine with coco ut oil and rub on your chest. You can look for cleanser for your face with tea tree oil in it to clean your face to help with acne treatment.

You never apply directly to skin and can put 1 to 2 drops with 12 drops of a favorite carrier oil be very careful around the eye area.

Lavender Oil this scent is good for men or women and you can add to carrier oil or directly to your skin. It is known as the most versatile of all the oils and has an relaxing effects to your body.
There are so many different uses for this oil and it has calming, relaxing and balancing effects.  It is a good use for first aid like for a insect sting, minor burn, cuts, eczema, nauseau, nosebleed, dry or chapped skin or lips, hay fever and cold sores. 

 Lavender is an essential oil that can uplift your mood, heal and it is a great item to carry with you for so many uses.
 Lemon Oil - The smell is refreshing, energizing and uplifting scent.  It can also soften the skin which is often used in creams and lotions.  It must be diluted with a carrier oil and cannot be used directly on the skin. 
You can add a couple of drops into your water for a refreshing drink.  There are so many uses for this oil for skin care, laundry, disinfectant, degreaser, mood booster, insect repellant, hair/nail care, immune support, feet care, wood polish and many more.
Bergamot Oil -  It elevates your mood with positivity and confidence.  It is a citrus fruit that grows in the southern regions of Italy and it is between a sour orange and lemon. It has been used for perfumes for a long time .
It can be used in several different ways like an antidepressant, control oily skin, helps with sleeping, mood elevator, kills germs and bacteria, relieves muscle and joint pains, relieves stress, soothes irritated skin, soothes coughing, healthy digestion and more. It is best to use in a diffuser in your room and assist in uplifting your mood.
Myrrh Oil - it comes from the gum of a native myrrha tree from the Arabian peninsula and Africa.  It was used by the Chinese and Egyptians for medicinal purposes. 
They uses are more health related like kills harmful bacteria, oral health, supports skin health, combats pain and swelling, powerful antioxidant, kills parasites, sunscreen, gut health, mold and more. It needs to be diluted with a carrier oil as jojoba, almond, grapeseed or coconut oil.